Wine Rack Bra Review

Last Updated on January 4, 2024

Wine Rack Bra

By Mia Thomas

Women of the world cast off your Bra’s! This is where we take a brief detour from your wine rack search and explore your own personal wine rack. If you represent the male population you may be more interested in the Beer Belly Canteen.

This clever device was clearly thought up by some one with too much time on their hands. But it is a unique way to carry your beverage of choice and enhance the size of your rack!

This can be a fun gift for Secret Santa parties around the holiday as well as a humorous gift for you and your friends when you get together to enjoy your favorite wine.

If you were looking for a more traditional wine rack check out our wooden wine rack or metal wine rack pages!

The WineRack The Wine Rack, Medium
  • Comfortable sports bra with polyurethane bladder holds 25 ounces of your favorite beverage
  • Medium-sized bra fits 34A through 34D
  • Removable polyurethane bladder custom-shaped to fit bra
  • Long drinking tube with easy-to-use on/off valve to control the flow
  • Bra is machine washable; hand wash bladder

Want to increase the size of your (or your significant other’s) Ta-Tas by a couple of “cups” while enjoying the sexiest wine rack in existence?

Do you want to enjoy your favorite Châteauneuf-du-Pape at a Meatloaf concert without having to pay the exorbitant prices at the concession stand?

The Wine bra and its 25 ounce capacity allows you to “Rack the Wine” in your bra—stored close to your heart. While the sports bra styling may not work with your favorite crop-top, it does have clear advantages for certain situations:

Wine Bra Demo

  • Walking the dog
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Picnics

  • Fishing
  • Parties
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Hand Free Situations

What is a Wine Bra?

A wine bra is a truly unique product – it is a combination of bra and bladder-flask.

  • A removable polyurethane bladder is custom-shaped to fit bra.
  • A long drinking tube with easy-to-use on/off valve controls the flow.
  • Allows you to hide your wine in situations where you don’t want to be seen drinking.

How does a wine bra work?

  • A convenient clear tube feeds the wine (or other beverage) from the storage bladder to an awaiting glass (or even directly into one’s mouth), where an easy-to-use valve is used to control the flow.
  • Can also be used like a tap to fill cups.

Functions of a wine bra

  • The comfortable sports bra is comfortable to wear.
  • Allows the surreptitious transport and consumption of wine or other beverages.
  • By blowing air into the tube, you can re-inflate the wine rack even when you have finished drinking your beverage.

Sizing of a wine bra

  • Small fits bra sizes 32A-34B.
  • Medium fits bra sizes 34C-38C.
  • Large size for everything else
So as you can see if you looking a way to increase your breast size, enjoy drinking your favorite beverage discreetly, look good in a comfortable sports bra, and don’t wish to carry a traditional flask around. This sports bra may be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Discreet
  • Comfortable
  • Machine Washable
  • Shows you care
  • Holds 25 ounces of liquid
  • Definitely single temperature zone
  • May be warmer than some prefer
  • Limited capacity
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