Best Wine Racks: Review and Buying Guide

Last Updated on January 6, 2024

Wall of Wine

By Mia Thomas

Wine Racks vs. Wine Coolers: Both wine racks and the wine coolers may be used to store wine, so why might you prefer one over the other?

Wine coolers are most useful to provide a temperature controlled environment to store your wine. You will need electricity to power your wine coolers.

Wine racks, on the other hand, are an inexpensive and attractive solution to wine storage in areas:

  • where temperature control is not so important or
  • where the whole environment is temperature controlled.

One of our more Popular general purpose racks:

Mango Steam 23 Bottle Black Wine Rack with Glass Top Shelf, Free Standing for Home, Kitchen and Bar
This is our featured wine rack. It holds 28 bottles, and fits tastefully with most decors.

Wooden Wine Racks

Our choice for a large capacity wooden wine rack

No products found.

Things to consider when purchasing a wooden wine rack

  • Flexibility of design
  • Flexibility of style
  • Flexibility of color
  • Spans the capacity range from just a few bottles to 100’s of bottles
  • Warmth of wooden wine racks
  • Not as strong as some other materials (notably steel)
  • May not match your décor
  • Often “some assembly is required”

Décor Flexibility Wood wine racks are preferred by many because of their versatility in capacity, function, and appearance. The reasons many people prefer wooden wine racks include:

  • Flexibility of design – options of Free Standing, Built In, Counter Top, Wall Mount, Stacking, Stacking Cubes
  • Flexibility in achieving a particular style or décor
  • Flexible material and finish; for example, if you prefer cherry, walnut, oak, or something else? Do you prefer a natural finish or a stained and varnished finish?
  • Do you prefer a utilitarian or decorative style? Do you prefer modern decor or scalloped styling?
  • Do you prefer a wooden wine rack that looks new or a wine rack that is perhaps distressed or built from a recycled shipping pallet?
  • Do you want to buy a wine rack that is finished for you or are you looking for a DIY wine rack project? DIY wine racks can be an easy and fulfilling project to add a personal touch to your home.

The aesthetic of beauty of wood: The warmth of wooden wine racks – by nature, wood is generally a material lending warmth to the environment, whereas other materials may lend a more industrial feel. Often wine cellars are built to exude a warmth that may be complemented by wood wine racks.

This wooden wine rack is exceptionally well reviewed by many customers— it is perfect for a cellar or wine room, and it fits your large capacity needs and décor.

Advantages: Sturdy, wobble-free; 200 bottle capacity; Assembles without tools.

Disadvantages: May be too large for some spaces. For other options check out these great wooden wine racks.

Metal Wine Racks

Our choice for a large capacity metal wine rack:

Wine Enthusiast 126 Bottles Steel Pantry Wine Rack
  • Capacity varies depending on the size and shape of the bottles stored
  • Simple Assembly required
  • Store up to 126 bottles

A metal wine rack is another obvious choice. A metal wine rack is frequently made out of stainless steel, but may be made out of chromed steel or steel racks with a different finish.

  • Metal wine racks often feature simpler and more contemporary designs than wood wine racks.
  • Metal wine racks are generally sturdy and require little or no maintenance (such as periodic refinishing).
  • Metal wine racks often offer shelving height adjustments to accommodate bottles with different girths.
  • The decor offered by metal wine racks may not fit other decor in your home or wine cellar
  • While shelves are often easily adjustable for height, they may have less flexibility with respect to bottle length as stored on the shelves

This metal wine rack has great reviews from purchasers. It is sturdy and has a large storage capacity.

Advantages: Strong; Made of Heavy-duty chrome-plated steel; Sleek, contemporary styling; 160+ bottle capacity; Easy to assemble.

Disadvantages: Chromed steel may not match your decor; Capacity varies with the size of bottles stored.

Pallet Wine Racks

Best selling Pallet Rack:

No products found.

Pallet Wine Racks are those constructed from shipping pallets. These are often DIY wine racks, and designs are plentiful on the web. There are also a number of Pallet Wine Racks available that are premade. These wine racks generally have a rustic appearance.

  • Green source of materials
  • Often less expensive because of materials used
  • A unique décor that may fit your décor theme
  • Specific, limited décor
  • Capacity generally limited
  • A unique décor that may NOT fit your décor theme

We are fans of using reclaimed and sustainable material as much as we can. This wine rack has the benefit of using recycled material. The reclaimed wood adds character to any home.

Advantages: It holds twenty bottles of wine. Stores both wine and champagne bottles.

Disadvantages: You need to buy hardware to mount it to the wall. The rustic walnut wood color may not fit ultra-modern stainless steel décor.

Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Here is our choice for a modern 24 bottle metal wall mount rack.

VintageView W Series Pro Wine Rack 8 - Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Rack Kit, Stylish Modern Wine...
17 Reviews
VintageView W Series Pro Wine Rack 8 - Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Rack Kit, Stylish Modern Wine...
  • KIT DIMENSIONS & BOTTLE CAPACITY: 96” (244cm) x 13” (34cm) x 5-1/4” (14cm) with wine bottles stored. Holds (24) 750ml wine bottles, label...
  • KIT INCLUDES: (2) W Series Wine Rack 4s in single-bottle depth configuration. When coupled together, total height is 8'. All hardware for installation...
  • LUXE FINISH & DURABLE MATERIAL: Machine rounded rod tips and matching finishing pieces elevate Luxe finishes (Chrome, Gunmetal, Golden Bronze) for the...
  • KEY FEATURES: Backed by a lifetime warranty, this modern wine storage option is easy-to-install with the BILT 3D interactive app on any wall in your...
  • MOVING WINE STORAGE FORWARD: At VintageView, we create the preferred wine racks for design professionals and design-focused DIYers.

A Wall Mounted Wine Rack may be made of any material, but they deserve a unique category because of their specific design and functionality. Wall mount wine racks may range in capacity from only a few bottles to hundreds of bottles, but we generally see wall mounted wine racks that hold a case or less of wine. Since these are generally prominently displayed racks, it is no surprise that they come in a wide variety of styles.

  • Wide variety of styles
  • Displays you wine collection
  • Wide range of capacities available, but larger capacities demand large wall space for mounting
  • Purpose designed, so limited flexibility
  • Capacity generally limited

Tips: locate the wall studs before screwing the screws into the studs. Make sure the attachment to the wall is intalled properly and is strong enough to support the weight of the rack, wine bottles and glasses. Use a stud finder to aid you to locate the studs in the wall.

Best Wine Racks for your Table-top

Our choice for a table-top wine rack: The 12-bottle Oceanstar WR1132 Wine Rack

Oceanstar 12-Bottle Bamboo Wine Rack, Dark Espresso
4,719 Reviews
Oceanstar 12-Bottle Bamboo Wine Rack, Dark Espresso
  • Holds 12 bottles
  • Efficiently maximize storage space
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Complements & matches any home & countertop design
  • Assembled Dimensions: 15. 75" H x 5. 75" D x 11. 75" W

Like Wall Mounted Wine Racks, Table Top Wine Racks may be made of any material and have a unique purpose. Table top wine racks typically have limited capacities of 6-12 bottles and are commonly used to hold and display the wines to be consumed at a specific meal or occasion.

  • Wide variety of styles
  • Displays your wine collection for a specific occasion (e.g., the wines you are serving at a particular party or other event)
  • Purpose designed, so limited flexibility
  • Capacity generally limited to fit table (or counter top)

This Ocenstar 12-bottle wine rack is made of a sustainable material, bamboo. This model looks best in a modern décor, or design color palate that supports dark espresso color. We like both its form and function that maximize storage of 12-bottle with minimum space area – an ideal storage to display on a table or a countertop. We also like its sturdy design that stores wine bottles horizontally (versus vertically).

Advantages: This Ocenstar 12-bottle wine rack has a modern design to fit contemporary decor. Convenient table-top storage for 12-bottle wines. Sturdy racks that are well-design and well-built. It is easy to assemble.

Disadvantage: This modern design with dark espresso color may not fit some design color palate.

Wine jail

Our choice for a medium capacity wine jail: The 45-bottle Wine Enthusiast Renaissance Wrought Iron Wine Jail

A Wine Jail is really a piece of wine rack furniture intended to hold your wine. Typically, a wine jail is an intricately designed piece of furniture constructed of metal and meant to be prominently displayed in your home. They are often wrought iron wine racks.

  • Lockable wine storage
  • Attractive and intricate metal design
  • Capacity can be substantial
  • Typical manufacture and design of a wine jail fits with a limited number of décor choices
  • Requires display wall space

The look of wrought iron is timeless – as the Eiffel tower is constructed from a form of wrought iron (puddled iron). If you like the look of scroll motif, this renaissance-style wine jail brings a classic element of wrought iron ornamental décor to any space. It has a capacity of 45 bottles (standard Bordeaux size wine bottles). The door swings from left to right.

Advantages: This Wine Enthusiast 45-bottle wine rack comes fully-assembled. It has a classic design – timeless wrought iron and beautiful scroll-work motif. It has an elegant solid color of black undercoat with rich bronze. It has a latch to allow for a padlock.

Disadvantage: You will need to get a padlock if you want to lock the door.

Tips: an antique looking (replica) padlock will pair well with this renaissance-style wine jail.

Wine Rack Buying Guide

Whether you are looking for a six bottle wine rack to sit on your counter or large capacity wine racks to organize your wine cellar, check out our buying check list at the bottom of this page for things to consider when choosing a wine rack. We now guide you to some of the best recommended wine racks, and review the pros and cons in each category:

Why wine racks are appealing to many?

Wine racks provide a convenient, affordable, and stylish way to store and present your wine collection. Attractively and safely storing wine is important for every wine enthusiast, and there are many choices to be made, including:

  • The material from which the wine rack is constructed
  • How it fits with your décor
  • The capacity of that wine rack, and
  • Its intended purpose, for example, storage in a wine cellar or to be displayed as a table top wine rack, a wall mounted wine rack, etc.).

Which wine rack to fit your decor and storage needs?

Wine racks come in a variety of materials and a nearly endless variety of styles and decor. Which wine rack will best fit your decor and storage needs? For example,

  • You may prefer a wooden wine rack for its warmth and beauty, or
  • You may prefer a metal wine rack for its durability and style.

Within each of these materials, you are offered a dazzling number of solutions:

  • A wooden wine rack might be very simple and minimally finished to focus on price and storage capacity.
  • Alternately, a wooden wine rack might be an exquisitely finished product to enhance the decor of your home.
  • As yet another alternative, pallet wine racks (those made from used shipping pallets) have gained favor and make their own kind of styling statement and are generally inexpensive.

What to consider when buying a Wine rack:

  • Capacity: how much wine do you want to store in your wine rack?
  • Size and dimensions: where will you put your wine rack? How big is your space available for your wine rack? The measurements of width, depth and height are important. If you are getting a wine jail that has a door, check whether you want the door open to the left or to the right.
  • Budget: what is your budget? Some wine racks are amazingly budget friendly, but you should overtly consider this decision.
  • Material: this is often related to styling/décor; is there a reason that you would specifically prefer one material over another?
  • Styling/décor: Again, this is related to the previous bullet. Does the room in which the wine rack will reside reflect a particular material or style? Is the predominant décor stainless steel and glass or warm, finished woods?