Decorative Wine Rack Shapes and Styles

Last Updated on January 8, 2024

Wall of Wine

By Mia Thomas

Sometimes you aren’t looking for a large wine rack with rows and rows of space for wine. Or you might be looking for something other than a standard looking rack. For individuals looking for wine racks that fit into a special theme there are quite a few options for wine racks that come in different shapes.

These are some of our favorites here at top 10 wine racks. It doesn’t matter whether you are into boats, looking for a rustic oak barrel, musical instruments or even a fish! When it comes to storing your wine, there are many options.

If you are looking for something that speaks to your needs to accent your room, we think you’ll find that a decorative wine rack speaks to your needs on this list.

10 Awesome Wine Rack Shapes to Accent your Home

A+ Oak Barrel Wine Cabinet

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fire roasted barrel

Oak barrels are a natural look for wine. These solid Oak barrels are fire roasted so that the staves can be bent to shape. This has the benefit of slightly coloring the wood as well.

The barrels come with a middle shelf giving you two levels to store your wine bottles. The door has two hinges and a locking latch for securing your wine. The top of the barrel makes a great surface to rest your wine glass when your not drinking from it.

These oak barrels come in 4 sizes to match your specific needs:

Specification Barrel Height Barrel Diameter
26.41 Gal 2′ 3 9/16″ 1′ 9 21/32″
39.62 Gal 2′ 7 1/2″ 1′ 10 53/64″
59.43 Gal 2′ 11 7/16″ 2′ 1 19/32″
79.25 Gal 3′ 3 3/8″ 2′ 3 9/16″

What we really liked about these barrels are the solid and heavy build that will last for years. As an added bonus, nothing looks more impressive in a rustic setting than a row of barrels full of wine!

Wine Bottle shaped Wine Rack

JIANGLI Oak Barrel Wine Cabinet Decoration Wine Barrel Exhibition Wooden Wine Cabinet Wine Rack...
  • ● Production process of the barrel: The barrel is made of oak baking.
  • ● Store and display 18 bottles: Contains 6 layers and can hold up to 18 bottles of your favorite wine. Each floor has 3 spaces to store. Offering a...
  • ● No assembly is required. It is pre-assembled at delivery and can be displayed immediately in your home. Size: 23cm x 33 cm x 33 cm
  • ● Independent design: The wine rack has an independent design that can be displayed on your floor and create a beautiful statement of personality.
  • ● Place the bottle horizontally so that the wine comes into contact with the cork, keeping it moist and preventing it from drying out. There is a...

At just over 4 feet tall this decorative solid wood wine rack makes for an attractive vessel to hold up to 18 bottles of wine and 1 glass.

The oak bottle shaped wine rack is perfect for storing your wine in tight spaces with the base diameter just under 1 foot the rack can be stored in places conventional wine racks don’t fit.

The open design makes for easy access to the 18 wine bottles. And looks great in environments that have a darker oak theme.

Dimensions: Height: 4′ 27/64″ Width: 10 5/8″ Depth: 10 5/8″

Wine bottle Rack

MPG Barrel Wine Rack Cabinet

MGP Barrel Wine Rack Cabinet, Walnut Finished, Double Drawers,16" D x 62" W x 36" H
  • Unique but classic design creates an incredible showpiece for your home or business.
  • Built in teak wood rack for storing your favorite wines and glasses.
  • Cabinet has one drawer, features a 25 bottle wine rack, and a glass rack that holds 8 full size glasses.
  • Finished with two coats of semi-gloss polyurethane to enhance its appearance as well as extra protection.
  • 16"D x 62"W x 36"H

If your looking for that old time look of an oak barrel but need the extra shelf space for storage this wine rack offers just that. Its classic look hold 25 wine bottles and 8 full size wine glasses. You’ll need a space that is at least 62″ wide and 16″ deep to place this unit. However for us we found that its better if you have a large space so that the barrel shaped ends are visible.

If 62″ is a tight fit, you may want to consider a different shaped wine rack that you won’t be hiding the decorative ends.

Ideal locations for the uniquely shaped wine rack are furnished basements, Arizona rooms, Florida rooms, and rec rooms where you have an old world theme.

DGEG Wine Rack Electric Guitar

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For those that like to Rock a little this is an electric guitar shaped wine rack and goes great in your music room next to an amplifier. Its a fun shape and makes for a great conversation piece.

In addition to being fun, this wine rack is also functional. Its tilt placement will helps insure your cork doesn’t dry out.

This guitar rack can hold up to 11 bottle of wine and 4 stemmed glasses and the combination of the wood facade and the metal frame in the back makes for a sturdy unit.

Approximate dimensions: Height: 3′ 9 9/32″, Depth: 6 57/64″, Width: 1′ 1 25/32″

Wooden Guitar/Violin 10 bottle

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This 10 bottle wine rack is sort of a cross between a guitar and a violin. In our mind it looks more like an over-sized violin.

The wood materials make this a perfect fit for rooms that you are carrying a classic music theme or a room that needs a wood accent. Its woods design will stand the test of time an not rust like some metal racks.

The think wood on the rack holds your wine securely in place and for the 10 bottle version of the violin shaped rack the dimensions are: Height: 4′ 5 15/16″ Depth: 7 31/64″ Width: 1′ 4 59/64″

Guitar 7 bottle

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This rack is reminiscent of an over-sized Spanish guitar or one of the larger guitars in a mariachi band. The design goes well with most rustic, Spanish, or music themes.

Because this rack holds 7 bottles of red wine, Even with the two wine glass holders, its not as large as some of the other decorative shapes we’ve looked at.

This guitar shaped wine rack’s dimensions are: Height: 3′ 1 13/32″ Depth: 7 3/32″ Width: 1′ 2 11/64″

Canoe wine rack

Wooden Boat USA Old Modern Handicrafts Canoe Wine Shelf Collectible
  • Our newly designed canoe table is 100% handcrafted by experienced and skillful boat builder
  • It is constructed with all the same techniques used to build traditional wooden canoes
  • It'Ll make a great conversation piece
The romantic image of a couple on a canoe on a quiet cove in a lake is a common one. Why not bring that feel in to your home with this combination wine rack/ shelf build in the shape of half a canoe.

The workmanship is solid on this unit and give you both storage for knick-knacks, books, glasses and wine.

With a capacity of 7 wine bottles, the hand made canoe rack uses techniques followed on real canoes. The light wood tone gives the wine rack a modern feel and goes best with light and airy decor.

Some of the styles that would go best with this unit are french decor, rooms accented with purple flowers such as lavender, and pictures of meadows abundant with flowers.

The wine bottles are stored as an angle preventing the cork from drying out on bottles that use real cork.
Dimensions: Height: 74″ (just over 6 feet) Depth: 12.5″ Width: 24.5″

Wine bottle Rack

Row Boat wine rack 24 bottle

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This wine rack also shaped as a boat, is similar to the canoe wine rack listed earlier. This wine rack how ever has a much larger capacity in that it can store 24 bottles. It also is in the shape of a row boat complete with oars.

The construction of the boat shaped rack is all wood and includes a shelf and storage with a cabinet door for storing things out of sight.

This finish on this wood is environmentally friendly and is a Mediterranean style. One thing to not on this rack is that while the interior of the boat is natural wood tones the exterior is sort of a white-wash color.

Dimensions: Height: 4′ 8 11/16″ Width: 1′ 11 5/8″ Depth: 11 13/16″

Wine bottle Rack

Cello shaped wine rack 10 bottles

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This Cello shape is another variation of musical instruments to hold wine bottles. There something musical/lyrical about wine that I think draws people to the musical shapes.

This Cello shaped wine rack can hold up to 10 bottles of your favorite wine and is a wood design.

As with the other musical instrument shapes this wine rack accents music rooms or rooms where you have a classic music decor. The bins for the wine bottles are good sized and fit most bottle shapes.

Dimensions: Height: 4′ 7 1/8″ Width: 1′ 4 59/64″ Depth: 7 3/32″

Fish shaped wine rack 12 bottles

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Last but not least on our lists o interesting shapes for your wine rack. This probably our 2nd favorite on the list. Mostly because of our affinity to fish. It holds 12 bottles of wine, it has a sturdy iron build.
Its modern design will go with many different decors and add a simple accent to a room.

Dimensions: Height: 3″ 1 13/32″ Width at base: 7 7/8″ Depth: 1′ 4 17/32″

What to look for in a decorative wine rack


Decorative and free standing wine racks typically don’t have a large capacity. This usually due to some of the unusual shapes. For those look for this to be more of an art piece the capacity isn’t that big of factor. Some of the larger racks (like the boats and the wine bottle) we featured usually have more capacity unless some of the capacity was consumed by shelf space in the unit.


When storing you wine you need to be cognizant of your areas temperature. If you keep your home at a lower temperature the wine should be ok for storage out in the open. If the temperature in your area is warm and you are thinking of storing the wine where it will be exposed to the elements you will likely want to look into a wine cooler rather than a wine rack.


Style is the whole point of decorative shaped wine racks. The sky is the limit on shapes, however you should try to find shapes and themes that compliment your home decor. Also because many of these are free standing wine racks you want to be aware of the traffic patterns where you are planning to put the wine rack.

Also when looking at dimensions look at the depth and remember any many cases the neck of the bottle will protrude from the rack. You want to make sure you account for this in your layout.


Most decorative wine racks are made from wood, wrought iron, or some combination of the two. There is no right or wrong material, however when looking at the wood deisgns you want to make sure the rack portion that holds the wine is thick enough to provide good support and not warp. Also the use of screws rather than nails is usually more durable.

For Metal racks you want to make sure the metal is treated so that it won’t rust. And usually a thicker metal is more sturdy. If the rack is made of to thin of metal it will tend to wabble.


As with most things in life you get what you pay for. There are many inexpensive wine racks available but be sure and look at the construction to ensure they are well built. It would be a shame to have it come apart and you bottles of wine in inadvertently get broken.

The wine racks on our list aren’t the least expensive racks but we think you will find the build quality is good and they will last a very long time while keeping your wine safe while you showcase it.

Summary of Models Reviewed