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Last Updated on January 14, 2023

Wall of Wine

By Mia Thomas

Whether you are making your own wines, building a collection of your favorites, or just like the ambience of wine country; there are many options for storage of your wine on our website. For now let’s focus on the wall mount wine rack.

Storing your wine on the wall allows you to incorporate your favorite wines into your everyday life even when you are not opening one up for dinner or a party.

In addition wine storage, some wall mount storage racks provide shelving that can be used to display the wine vertically or other items like books, curios, or empty bottle from some of your most memorable occasions.

There are many designs for many spaces, lets take a look as some of the ones we like.

10 Creative Wall Mount Wine Rack Choices For Your Wine

VintageView W Series (4 Ft) – 24 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack

VintageView W Series Pro Wine Rack 4 - Metal Wall Mounted Wine Rack - Modern, Label Forward Wine...
  • DIMENSIONS & BOTTLE CAPACITY: 48” (122cm) x 13” (33.5cm)”x 12” (31cm) with wine bottles stored. Holds (36) 750ml bottles, label forward. Add...
  • STYLISH, CONTEMPORARY WINE STORAGE: The perfect intersection of size and storage, this metal wine rack showcases a range of height and bottle depths...
  • DURABLE MATERIAL & DISTINCTIVE FINISHES: Built with high-quality steel, and offered in pro grade finishes (Matte Black, Cool Gray, Brushed Nickel) or...
  • KEY FEATURES: Backed by a lifetime warranty, this modern wine storage option is easy-to-install with the BILT 3D interactive app on any wall in your...
  • MOVING WINE STORAGE FORWARD: At VintageView, we create the preferred wine racks for design professionals and design-focused DIYers.

The wall design by VintageView is extremely flexible which is why it was one of our favorites. Probably the best feature is the minimalistic design which it makes the wine the focus and not the wine rack.

The flexibility begins with the height, chose the height of the space you need you have 4 options: 1, 2, 3, or 4 foot height.

Once you have the height selected decide on the depth you need 1, 2, or 3 bottle choices. The single depth is looks particularly nice in spaces where you don’t want the depth of the rack to stand out.

Conversion of measurements:

Specification Rack Height Rack Width Rack Depth
Metric 121.92 cm 30.48 cm 30.48 cm
US Measure 48 Inches 12 Inches 12 Inches

Last you just need to pick your color to go with the fixtures in your room. You have 4 choices, Satin Black, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, and Chrome Luxe. Chrome lux is similar to Chrome but has machine rounded rod tips and plated mounting hole covers.

In addition to be being flexible this is also a practical choice as it allows you to store the bottle at a slight angle to keep the cork moist. The bottle holders are much sturder that expected and easily support your favorit wine.

STACT Wall Mounted Wine Rack

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Comprised of 3 components the STACT Premier C-type design is perfect for modern décor and gives the home owner a way to elegantly display their wine.

The design starts with the panels the manufacturer offers 16 finishes, you will find the quality of these panels outstanding. The panels have pre-installed anchors to mount to the wall brackets.

The bottle supports are constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized to give a clean finish. Each of your panels can hold 9 bottles and will hold 12 bottles when arranged side by side.

Wall brackets are what hold up the panels and they are designed to connect to each other and attach directly to the wall. The panels are then hung from the wall brackets using no tools after the wall brackets have been installed. Here is a link to the manual for more details on installation.

We feel this is one of the best options out there for a modern setting.

Conversion of measurements (per section):
Specification Rack Height Rack Width Rack Depth
Metric 28.8 cm 36.3 cm 18.9 cm
US Measure 11.34 Inches 14.3 Inches 7.44 Inches
Example of building rack into a tight cabinet space.

The model we display is the 135 bottle version; of course you can buy just one panel or multiple panels depending on your specific needs.

Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack (Holds 9 Bottles)

Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack (Holds 9 Bottles) - Wine Rack Wall Mounted for Wine Bottles, Liquor,...
  • Bottle rack stores nine standard wine and champagne bottles: Store and display nine of your favorite wine bottles or champagne bottles with the Sorbus...
  • Can add multiple racks vertically to add even more design and space - (Minimal Assembly): Hang in minutes! 2 Piece wall wine rack mounts securely to...
  • The Sorbus Wall Storage Organizer stores each bottle in individual, separate compartments: Perfect gift for the wine lover in your life - Great bath...
  • Hangs wine bottles horizontally, keeping the cork moist so wines last longer: Wall Hanging Wine Holder measures approximately 3"D x 10.25"W x 28"H -...
  • Perfect for any wine lover, from the amateur to the connoisseur - Great home décor piece or gift item - Use as a kitchen rack, liquor shelf, bottle...

Sorbus wall mounted wine rack will hold 9 bottles of your favorite wine or Champagne. Its designed to save space with its 3″ depth.

While not as modular as some units we look at this simple design lets you continue to mount additional 9 bottle lengths of rack to fill out a room or just cover a wall in addition to just 9 racks.

The Sorbus rack is not quite as sturdy as some of the similar models we reviewed, however the wire shelves are strong enough to do the job. The mounting hardware is also a little flimsy. If you are about to mount to a 2×4 or wood the mounting should be sufficient however if you are mounting to sheetrock our recommendation would be to purchase sturdier anchors and longer screws.

Conversion of dimensions per Rack:

Specification Rack Height Rack Width Rack Depth
Metric 63.5 cm 26.04 cm 7.62 cm
US Measure 25 Inches 10.25 Inches 3 Inches

The spacing design can also be used a towel rack and is quite decorative if your decor supports black wire shelves. Dispite its short comings the Sorbus 9 bottle wall mounted wine rack is priced very well and should leave you enough money to upgrade the mounting hardware if needed.

For those on a budget or looking for a really simple solution, This may be your best choice.

Wall Mounted Hanging Wooden Wine

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This is beautiful wooden rack that comes in multiple sizes to accomodate your specific space. The single row is just under 5 inches wide and can be as wide as 30.31 inches for the six column rack. This rack comes in either a single row (8 bottle), double row (16 bottles), quad row (32 bottle), or a six row (48 bottle) capacity.

This rack is slightly different that the typical peg board design in that it has a second hole in the back to cause the bottle be at a slight angle and to hold the bottle more securely.

We really like how this rack looked in rooms where you have lots of wooden features, it blended in well an makes for a great display of your wine. It looks amazing in dinning rooms with tables, chairs and cabinets in the same color spectrum.

Because this is a low profile rack it also works well in appartments, wine cellars, or dens. Because the wood is a little heaver than a rack that is make out of a wire design, you want to be sure the wine rack is mounted into stud or you use extra sturdy anchors and bolts.

Conversion of dimensions:

Specification Rack Height Rack Width Rack Depth
Metric 129 cm 12, 25, 51, or 77 cm depending on capacity 10.16 cm
US Measure 50.79 Inches 4.72, 9.84, 20.08, 30.31 Inches depending on capacity 4 Inches

Wine Glass Rack – Wall Mounted

Wine Cup Rack Wall-Mounted red Wine Wall Wine Rack Wrought Iron Wine Rack Wall Hanging Wine Cabinet...
  • High quality: Made of high quality materials, this goblet holder adds a touch of elegance to the decor of your kitchen or bar. The frame is rugged,...
  • Product size: 200*116cm, weight 15kg, can hold 60 cups.
  • Product material: quality iron casting, excellent texture, strong bearing capacity, the partition material is natural solid wood.
  • Product design: one layer, two layers, three layers can be placed in red wine, and the lower layer is hung.
  • Product features: light weight, large storage space, strong deformation resistance, with lighting.

This wine rack is a great rack for displaying your wine and glassware. The bottles are displayed vertically and show the labels.

The top two shelves hold 36 750ml wine bottles and the 3rd shelf is a little wider allowing for odd sized and larger bottles. Below the bottom shelve there are rails and hooks for storing your goblets and cups with handles.

The lighting on the shelves provides a nice glow to your wine an spirits, you can put mirror behind the rack for effect or go with a color that highlights the wine in the bottles as the light reflects.

With the stunning view of the backlighted spirits and the easy access to the storage of your glassware, this shelving is idea as a backdrop to your home bar.

Conversion of measurements:

Specification Rack Height Rack Width Rack Depth
Metric 116 cm 200 cm 10.16 cm/15.24 cm top/bottom shelf
US Measure 45.67 Inches 78.74 Inches 4 Inches/6 inches top/bottom shelf

Wall Mounted Metal Rack

No products found.

This flexible design offers 13 variations that you can purchase. When you pick your variation you can see the measurements for each variant. Features that are common for all variations are the following:

  • Tungsten Lightbulb-Comes with an E27 interfadde and the 40-watt bulb has a soft and moderate brightness
  • Foot Cup Slot-Humanistic design makes for easy access and safe hanging of glassware
  • Premium Iron-Iron has been worked and fitted and provides a durable and high quality structure
  • High Quality Paint Iron-Paint has been oven baked onto treated iron for a durable finish
  • Accessories for assembly-Comes with a full set of hardware assecories for assembly

The assembly of the wine rack will require some additional tools in addition to what is provided with the kit. At a minimum you will need an impact drill, hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, pencil and other items you may find usefull.

With all the variations this is a very attractive rustic option for your bar, game room, restaraunt etc.

While it does require some assembly we think you will find it worth the effort.

ZTBXQ Wall Mounted Vintage Metal Rack

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The unique circle design of this metal wall rack provides an eye-opening visual as a back drop to various settings.

The six shelf wrought iron structure can hold up to 12 bottles of your best wines. The unit comes in two colors, Bronze and Black.

To secure your wine there are 6 pairs of rails that securely nestle you wine keeping it safe while displaying. There are 4 anchor points to hold the rack securely to the wall. If the screws are not able to be set in a 2×4 or the frame, be sure to use heavy duty anchors to ensure your wine is safely in place.

If you have an office space, a reception area, or a bar station, this circular piece gives a zen feel to your guests as they enter your space.

Conversion of measurements:

Specification Rack Height Rack Width Rack Depth
Metric 100 cm 100 cm 18 cm
US Measure 39.37 Inches 39.37 Inches 7 Inches

Zjnhl Wine Lovers Wood and Metal

No products found.

This furniture is a combo of shelving, wine rack, and glassware rack. It blends the estetics of wood and metal and creates a shelving space that also stores your wines and stemware.

Mounted to the wall this unit works well in room space that has an open area above a cabinet or bar. The metal frame provides stablility to the shelving and prevents warping.

You’ll need equipment to drill holes in your wall and set the anchors for mounting the shelves. Be sure and use anchors that are rated to handle the weight of what you will be storing in the wine rack/shelves. As an added bonus you can use the shelves to store your spirits that come in a variety of bottle shapes and sizes.

Conversion of measurements:

Specification Rack Height Rack Width Rack Depth
Metric 100 cm 120 cm 23 cm
US Measure 39.37 Inches 47.24 Inches 9.05 Inches

VintageView Evolution Wine Wall 75″ Wall Mounted Wine Rack

VintageView Evolution Wine Wall 75 3C - Triple Depth, Metal Wall Mounted Wine Rack for Easy Access...
  • DIMENSIONS & BOTTLE CAPACITY: 75” (191cm) x 41” (104.5cm) x 12-1/8″ (31cm). Holds (135) 750ml or (90) 1.5L wine bottles. Add multiple Extensions...
  • KIT INCLUDES: (1) Wine Wall 45 3C and (1) Wine Wall 30 3C wine rack in triple-depth bottle configuration. The Wine Wall columns are designed to be...
  • DURABLE MATERIAL & DISTINCTIVE FINISH: Built with high-quality steel, and offered in Matte Black supports with choice of Matte Black, Chrome or Golden...
  • KEY FEATURES: Backed by a lifetime warranty, this modern wine storage option is easy-to-install on any wall in your home. Hardware for drywall and...
  • FLOATING OPTIONS: Add the Wine Wall Post to install Wine Racks in floor-to-ceiling aplications, up to 15’ (457.5cm) in height.

The Evolution series by Vintage View is a modern wine rack that can support up to 135 750ml bottles or 90 1.5 liter bottles. The craftmanship of the racks are sturdy and can easily support your wines. The rack is made up of to racks the are designed to be connecte ertically to achieve the 75″ height.

The elagant rod design comes in 3 color choices: Bronze, Chrome, and Matte black to easily blend with most decor. The double deep configuration is for 1.5 liter bottles and the triple deep design is for 750ml bottles giving you a choice.

Achnors and screws required to install the rack to sheetrock or wood are included. You’ll need a drill to create the pilot holes as well as a screw driver to be able to tighten down the screws into the anchors.

The industrial/chic design will provide the perfect ambience for wine cellars, bars, restaraunts, and dining rooms alike.

Conversion of measurements:

Specification Rack Height Rack Width Rack Depth
Metric 190.5 cm 104.14 cm 30.80 cm
US Measure 75 Inches 41 Inches 12.125 Inches

Hanging Wall Creative Rack Decoration Frame

Wine Cup Rack Red Wine Hanging Wine Rack Restaurant Wine Cabinet Wall Hanging Wall Creative Rack...
  • High quality: Made of high quality materials, this goblet holder adds a touch of elegance to the decor of your kitchen or bar. The frame is rugged,...
  • Product size: 160 * 23cm, weight 32kg, bearing 50 kg, can hold 11 bottles of wine.
  • Product design: diamond-shaped wine cell design, horizontal red wine, extended red wine shelf life, stainless steel cup holder design, simple and...
  • Product features: Open storage space, strong deformation resistance, tough fashion, stylish and diverse.
  • Easy to install: Super rugged, easy to follow instructions, including all mounting hardware, super easy to assemble and install.

The Rack Decoration Frame is another wall mounted rack that will offers 3 functions, shelves for storage, wine rack for your bottles, and rails to store your stemware.

With a bearing weight of 116 lbs this shelving unit comes in two different colors; Blonde wood tone and clean white. This should work in most decors except those calling for a darker wood tone.

The wine rack support 11 standard sized wine bottles. The stemware holders support multiple types of glasses from champagne flutes, goblets, to other stemware.

This unit is easy to install and ships with easy to follow instructions and all mounting hardware. This is a heavy duty/versatile shelve/wine rack/stemware storage station and works well in dinning rooms, kitchens, and rec rooms.

Conversion of measurements:

Specification Rack Height Rack Width Rack Depth
Metric 160 cm 160 cm 23 cm
US Measure 62.99 Inches 62.99 Inches 9.05 Inches

Conclusions on Wall Mount Wine Racks

That concludes our 10 favorites of wall mount wine racks. As you can see many ways of organizing and storing your wine. While everyones needs are different, our goal was to call out some of the better options available for wall mounted storage.

Wooden wine racks also provide wine storage for floor mounted units rather than wall mounts. Check out our page Wooden Wine Racks. For those that prefer metal to wood check out: Metal Wine Racks.

Summary of Models Reviewed